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Bit badges are small icons displayed against a user's name on the chat of a Twitch livestream.

They are awarded to the user depending on the amount of "bits" they have donated to that specific streamer. Depending on how many bits the user has donated, their "bit badge" changes accordingly. A bit is Twitch's micro-transaction currency which can be bought on the site and has an actual monetary value, this is used as a "tip" to the streamer which increases their profit per month depending on how much is donated.

The challenge with Bit badges for the designer, is that these badges are often seen at a minuscule resolution (around 16px x 16px) therefore the designs mustn't feature small details and work well as icons. This project shows some bit badge designs I have created for actual Twitch streamers, along with a link to their channels. Be sure to tell them I sent you!